Website Redesign Agency vs. Website Redesign Company

Website Redesign Agency vs. Website Redesign Company

Is your website stuck in the past? Still, rocking some Web 1.0 aesthetics that would make a millennial cringe? Maybe it loads slower than your dial-up connection from the 90s? If your site needs a major refresh, you have two options – hire a stylish website redesign agency to give it a cutting-edge makeover, or partner with a budget-friendly website redesign company to spruce it up.

But which is the right choice to modernize your online presence? Let’s compare these two web design avenues.

1. Website Redesign Agency

Benefits of website redesign with redesign agency
Benefits of website redesign

1.1 What is a Website Redesign Agency?

A website redesign agency is a creative services company that offers a full suite of digital marketing services, including website design, as part of their capabilities. Agencies have a diverse team of designers, developers, writers, and more who collaborate on client projects.

1.2 Team Structure and Services

Agencies assemble cross-functional teams of experts across disciplines to work on client engagements. Beyond website design, they offer additional services like branding, social media marketing, SEO, advertising, and more. The breadth of expertise allows them to provide holistic solutions.

1.3 Innovative, Customized Websites

Leveraging their creative talent, agencies are able to develop innovative website designs tailored specifically to each client. They can suggest creative layouts, animations, visuals, and features that align with the brand’s goals and audience.

1.4 Broader Digital Marketing Services

In addition to website design, agencies offer services like developing brand identities and names, managing social media pages and advertising, executing email campaigns, handling SEO, and more.

1.5 Multiple Clients and Projects

Agencies juggle multiple clients and projects at any given time. Different teams may work on each client, with resources shared across engagements.

1.6 Higher Rates and Minimums

Due to substantial overhead costs and breadth of capabilities, agencies typically have high hourly rates and minimum budget requirements for engagements. Their pricing reflects the level of talent and services provided.

The benefits of hiring a website redesign agency come down to the level of innovation they can bring to reimagining your website and overall brand. 

2. Website Redesign Company

Benefits of Website Redesign with Website Redesign Company
Website Redesign Company

2.1 What is a Website Redesign Company?

A website redesign company specializes solely in website design, development, and redesign services. They have dedicated resources and expertise for building and refreshing websites for clients.

2.2 Specialized in Website Design

While agencies offer additional services, website design companies focus entirely on websites. They have the skills and staff specifically for designing, building and updating websites for clients across industries.

2.3 Dedicated Website Resources

Companies designate resources specifically for executing website projects, allowing them to devote attention and talent solely to developing effective sites rather than splitting time across other digital services.

2.4 Proven Website Strategies

Rather than innovative but untested techniques, companies rely on proven best practices and strategies for website design that are tried-and-true for meeting client goals.

2.5 Dedicated Teams

Companies may assemble dedicated teams of website designers, developers, and project managers devoted to individual client accounts rather than having split responsibilities across multiple clients.

2.6 Affordable Pricing

Without large overhead costs of additional services, website design companies can offer competitive, transparent pricing tailored for the specific scope of website redesign projects.

3. Choosing the Right Option

Making the decision between hiring a website redesign agency versus a company for your important project can feel overwhelming. Both routes offer distinct pros and cons across factors like service offerings, expertise, pricing, and more. Rather than relying on guesswork, follow a structured process to evaluate your options and make the best choice based on your specific needs and goals.

3.1 Define your budget, timeline, and goals

  • Set realistic budget ranges for the project based on business resources
  • Establish your ideal timeline for completing the redesign
  • Outline the goals you want to achieve with the new website (lead generation, e-commerce, etc.)

    3.2 Research agencies and companies

      • Search for firms that offer the services you need and align with your industry
      • Review their client lists, case studies, and portfolio sites
      • Make a list of 3-5 top contenders

        3.3 Compare proposals and portfolios

          • Request and review project proposals from your top choices
          • Look at examples of past website work in their portfolios for design qualities and functionality
          • Determine which firms best showcase relevant experience to your goals

            3.4 Ask about capabilities, project process, pricing

              • Interview shortlisted firms about their specific capabilities
              • Understand their typical design/development process and roles
              • Get detailed pricing and fee structures in writing

                3.5 Gauge team expertise, experience, communication

                  • Meet or speak to the actual team members who would work on your project
                  • Assess their technical knowledge, creative skills, and communication abilities
                  • Ensure they ask insightful questions and understand your needs

                    3.6 Assess alignment with your goals and priorities

                      • Determine which provider best balances your budget needs, project timeline, and defined goals
                      • Select the one that feels like the right strategic and cultural fit

                        3.7 Select the partner

                          • Based on the assessment, choose the agency or company you believe will deliver on your website redesign needs and vision

                          3.8 Discuss expectations, requirements, timelines

                            • Clearly outline your expectations for the project
                            • Review technical requirements, content needs, and all responsibilities
                            • Agree on project timelines with key milestones and check-ins

                              4. Conclusion

                              In review, agencies are like the flashy designers on Project Runway – they’ll make you something totally haute couture. But companies are like the tailors on your street corner – they’ll whip you up a quality new suit at a fair price.

                              If you want bold innovation and custom features that make your site scream “Look at me!”, an agency’s creative juice may be worth the cost. Their expertise across branding and digital can lead to showstopping results.

                              But if saving some money sounds more appealing than a wildly original but untested website, go with a company. You’ll get a practical site refresh focused directly on your goals, even if it lacks avant-garde style.

                              At the end of the day, think function versus flair. Companies deliver affordable website fundamentals while agencies provide transformative digital experiences. Know what you want your new website to achieve, and you can determine whether creative sizzle or budget savings satisfy your web redesign craving.

                              The choice is yours – are you ready for Project Runway, or is it time to visit the corner tailor? Whichever route leads you to a stellar new website, you’ll look great online.

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