The Landing Page Design Process at NovoVision Agency

The Landing Page Design Process at NovoVision Agency

At NovoVision Agency, we live and breathe landing page design. Over the years, our team has developed a proven process to create customized landing pages that drive results.

In this article, we’ll give you an inside look at exactly how we approach every landing page design project. From initial discovery to final refinement, we’ll outline the key phases that make up our process here at NovoVision.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your current landing pages or build new ones from scratch, understanding our step-by-step methodology will help set clear expectations. Our goal is to collaborate closely with each client to produce landing pages that speak directly to their target audience and move the needle on conversions.

So let’s dive in and explore the methodology that has helped hundreds of companies boost their lead generation and sales through strategic landing page design. We’ll share actionable insights into our research, strategy, design, development, and testing phases. 

Discovery Phase

The foundation of any successful landing page is a clear understanding of the client’s business and goals. Our discovery phase focuses on gaining those key insights through comprehensive research and analysis.

Landing Page Design agency
Boost Conversions.


We start by meeting with the client to learn as much as possible about their company, existing marketing efforts, target demographics, and what they want to achieve with their new landing page. This helps us grasp the full context so we can determine how to position the page.

  1. Learn the client’s business inside and out
  2. Research their existing marketing and landing pages
  3. Identify their target audience and goals
  4. Define the page objectives and KPIs
  5. Establish a focused direction

      Next, our team conducts in-depth research on the client’s current website and landing pages. We examine their messaging, layouts, conversion paths, and more. This equips us to identify what’s working well versus potential problem areas to improve.

      Armed with these insights, we define the core objectives and KPIs for the landing page. What actions do visitors need to take? What should the page communicate to compel them? By asking these strategic questions early on, we establish a focused direction for the design process.

      The discovery phase ensures we have all the information needed to craft landing pages tailored specifically to each client’s brand and goals. Our research sets the stage for creating high-converting pages that delight their target audience.

      Landing Page Strategy Phase

      With a solid understanding of the client’s business context and goals, our team starts mapping out the landing page strategy and structure in the strategy phase.

      Landing page design strategy stage
      Drive more ROI with a well-optimized landing page.


      We outline the page layout and user flow based on the desired conversion path. This provides a logical progression for visitors to follow.

      Next, we begin wireframing initial concepts to illustrate the page structure visually. These rough sketches allow us to try different layout options quickly.

      Our copywriters craft draft headlines and body content to convey the key messaging and value propositions.

      Together with the client, we determine important page elements like:

        • Hero image or illustration
        • Primary and secondary calls to action
        • Testimonials or social proof
        • Lead capture or contact form

      Finally, we define the key results and metrics for optimization, like lead generation, downloads, inquiries, etc. This keeps the goals top of mind as we proceed.

        With wireframes and a firm strategy in place, we can move into the visual design phase with confidence that the landing page will convert visitors into leads and customers.

        Landing Page Design Phase

        The design phase is when the landing page strategy comes to life visually. Our talented design team starts crafting the look and feel that will resonate with the target audience and reflect the client’s brand.

        Landing page design target audience
        Target your audience for more Leads!


        We explore different visual directions, creating mockups with variations in color schemes, fonts, and imagery. The goal is to find the right stylistic fit based on the brand’s aesthetics and messaging. We iterate on layouts and content placement, refining the flow and visual hierarchy.

        A key part of this phase is developing multiple design options that can be A/B tested once built. We know that subtle tweaks can significantly impact conversions. With the client’s input, we determine the variations to test, whether different headlines, call-to-action copy, or layouts.

        The end result of the design phase is visually appealing mockups that encapsulate the brand story and convince visitors to convert. With client approval, we hand off the chosen designs to our development team to bring the landing page to life digitally. The most promising design directions will then go head-to-head in A/B testing.

        Landing Page Development Phase

        In the development phase, our engineering team takes the approved landing page designs and brings them to life in code. With the visuals and assets in hand, they build out fully functional, interactive landing pages.

        landing page design web development phase
        Strategic Landing Page Design.


        First, they ensure the pages are responsive, providing an optimal experience across different devices like desktops, mobile, and tablets. No matter how visitors access the pages, the layouts and CTAs need to be clear and accessible.

        Next, our developers seamlessly integrate the new landing pages with any existing platforms, like the client’s CMS or CRM. We connect the dots across sales and conversion funnels, allowing for unified data tracking and lead management.

        The end result is responsive, polished landing pages that operate smoothly within the client’s digital ecosystem. They load quickly, drive conversions, and provide visitors with a seamless experience. Our dev team also implements any necessary tracking, tagging, and analytics to monitor performance.

        With the new pages ready to launch, we enter the final testing and refinement phase critical to optimization.

        Testing & Refinement Phase

        The final phase of our process focuses on rigorously testing and refining the new landing pages to maximize conversions.

        We run comprehensive A/B tests to see how the different variations we developed perform against each other. Our team gathers quantitative data and user analytics to identify areas for improvement.

        By closely analyzing the results, we can zero in on which variation converts best. We determine what design factors and page elements influence visitor behavior. For example, button color, image choice, layout, and more can impact conversions.

        Then, we apply the key learnings by iterating on the most promising variation to further optimize it. We may refine the headlines, adjust form placement, or enhance responsiveness.

        Our goal is to take a data-driven approach to incrementally improve conversion rates throughout the testing process. We keep only the changes that positively impact performance.

        The end result is a thoroughly tested landing page fine-tuned to turn visitors into leads and customers. Our analysis and refinement process ensures maximum ROI from the new landing page design.


        As you can see, our tailored process and methodology as a landing page design agency delivers quantifiable results for clients.

        By following this step-by-step approach, we’re able to craft custom landing pages that truly resonate with target audiences while meeting business goals. Our discovery, strategy, design, development, and testing phases work together seamlessly to create high-converting digital experiences.

        The benefit for our clients is landing pages that effectively communicate their brand story, engage visitors, and drive more leads and sales. Our proven process ensures we can translate client visions into successful online destinations optimized for conversions.

        If you’re looking for an experienced landing page design agency to maximize your website performance, schedule a consultation with us today. We’d love to discuss your goals and see how our strategic methodology can boost your business.

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