DIY vs. Professional Website Redesign Services

DIY vs. Professional Website Redesign Services

When it’s time to redesign your outdated website, one key decision is whether to tackle it as a DIY project in-house or hire a professional web design firm. Both routes come with various pros and cons. Handling a redesign yourself means lower upfront costs and full control, but requires ample time and web design expertise. Bringing in professional designers has a higher price tag yet offers specialist skills and faster turnaround. There is no one “right” choice – it depends on your specific business situation and goals.

DIY Redesign Pros

DIY design, done right.

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Maintain full control
  • Tweak design over time

The most obvious advantage of tackling a website redesign in-house is the lower cost, at least initially. You avoid the expense of hiring and paying an external web design firm. Your current employees handle the work, so your only costs are their time and any new software or tools. You maintain full control over the project without relying on outsiders. Your internal team decides on changes rather than an agency pushing their own ideas.

You can tweak and adjust the redesign gradually over time if needed, versus being locked into another company’s timeframe. Handling updates internally also builds valuable skills and experience for your staff. With the right technical expertise on hand, a DIY redesign lets you change your site on your own terms and budget.

DIY Redesign Cons

  • Requires technical expertise
  • Time-consuming
  • Lacks objective perspective

Redesigning a website requires skills like coding, design, SEO optimization, and user experience best practices. If your team lacks these competencies, it can be difficult to execute well.

Designing and developing a website overhaul takes considerable time, especially when handling internally with other responsibilities. It can stretch your team thin and delay progress.

Your internal team is close to your brand and website. An external firm brings fresh eyes to identify issues and opportunities.

Adding a complex project like a redesign on top of normal tasks can strain bandwidth.

 External firms follow the latest trends and techniques while your team may rely on outdated knowledge.

The DIY route works best when you have advanced web skills and ample bandwidth. Otherwise, it carries the risk of a subpar redesign and distracted staff.

Professional Redesign Pros

DIY design, done right.
DIY design, done right.
  • Expertise in best practices
  • Faster project completion
  • Objective analysis and insights

Selecting a professional web design firm brings specialized expertise in current best practices for maximizing your website redesign results. Experienced designers stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the industry. They also offer objective insights into issues with your current site and opportunities for improvement that your internal team may have grown blind to.

Handing the redesign over to professionals also typically speeds up the project timeline through dedicated resources and efficient workflows honed across many past projects. While professional help does come with higher upfront costs, you benefit from quicker turnaround to business gains like increased traffic and conversions. Essentially paying for expert assistance reduces headaches while providing strategic perspectives and speed.

Professional Redesign Cons

  • More expensive upfront
  • Less customization control

    The main downside of bringing in a professional web design agency is the higher cost. Quality web design services will have greater upfront expenses compared to handling internally. However, their expertise often offsets this by preventing mistakes and speeding up return on investment.

    Additionally, outsourcing your redesign means handing over some creative control. An external team may push ideas that don’t fully align with what you envisioned. You’ll have less flexibility to tweak things later on your own terms or timeline.

    However, a quality agency will guide the process collaboratively, balancing your vision with best practices for success. Be sure to clearly communicate brand guidelines and requirements from the start.

    While professional help limits customization and costs more upfront, for many businesses the tradeoff is worth the results and expertise gained.

    Key Considerations for Decision

    Assess your situation, then pick your path.
    Assess your situation, then pick your path.
    • Current in-house capabilities
    • Available budget
    • Complexity of existing site
    • Goals and timeline for redesign

    One major factor is honestly assessing your team’s current web design, technical, and project management capabilities. If you lack specialized expertise in areas like coding, user experience, and contemporary web design best practices, that’s the case for seeking external help. Also weigh your available budget – professional agencies have higher upfront costs, but their expertise saves time and prevents website redesign pitfalls.

    Additionally, evaluate the complexity of your existing website. More complex builds with custom functionality are likely better handled by experienced professionals rather than over-taxing internal resources.

    Finally, factor in your goals and timeline. If speed to market is critical or hitting specific KPIs like traffic and conversions will define success, professional help prevents potential lags and provides strategic input.

    Deciding between a DIY effort or hiring web design pros comes down to honestly assessing your situation. For simpler sites and budgets, DIY can work if you have strong in-house skills. For more complex builds or specialized needs, a professional agency reduces risks and drives results.

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