Improving Your Local Pack Rankings: SEO Tips for Tooele Businesses

Improving Your Local Pack Rankings: SEO Tips for Tooele Businesses

Have you ever searched for a local business on Google, like a pizza place or plumber in your hometown? You know those 3 listing cards that pop up at the very top of the results? That’s what’s known in SEO circles as the Local Pack.

Getting your business into that Local Pack is crucial for any local shop, restaurant, service provider, or other business targeting customers in a specific geographic area. Those top 3 spots get the lion’s share of clicks and calls from people searching for companies in their neighborhood.

So if your business is located in Tooele, you definitely want to be ranked in the Local Pack for searches related to your products or services there. It’s prime real estate for getting found by local searchers who are ready to buy.

The good news is there are some concrete steps you can take to improve your Local Pack rankings and get your Tooele business featured there more prominently. I’ll be sharing some of the most effective local SEO tips to help boost your visibility in these coveted local search results. A few optimizations and you’ll be on your way to bringing in more local leads and sales from Google searches!

Optimize Google My Business Listing

Getting the basics dialed in on your Google My Business listing is a no-brainer first step. After all, this is the profile Google uses for your business in the Local Pack results.

Start by making sure all of your business info is complete and accurate. Double-check your address, phone number, website, and operating hours. Add some great photos that show off your storefront, products, services, or team. The more eye-catching, the better!

Be sure to include your exact geographic service area in Tooele. This helps Google understand the specific areas you serve locally. Definitely take advantage of categories and attributes too – these help people find your GMB listing for relevant searches.

And don’t forget to ask customers for reviews! Online reviews are social proof that boosts your local authority. Aim for at least 20+ high-star ratings. Monitoring and responding to reviews also shows you care.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile lays the foundation for ranking in the Local Pack. Take the time to fully flesh it out and keep it updated.

Tips Description
Complete profile Fill out all business info like address, phone number, hours.
Optimized description Include keywords like “Tooele” and your services.
Category tags Add relevant categories like “plumber” or “restaurant” to be found in searches.
High-quality photos Showcase your storefront, products, services, and staff.
Encourage reviews Ask customers to leave detailed positive reviews to build credibility.
Offer local services Make sure your service area covers Tooele and nearby towns.
Interact on posts Reply to user questions and reviews to show you are responsive.
Analyze insights Check your metrics for website clicks, calls, directions, etc.
Regularly update Keep your listing current by updating hours, services, photos, etc.

On-Page Local SEO

tooele local seo services
On-page localization is a critical factor for Tooele businesses.

Now let’s talk about optimizing your actual website for local search.

First, work your city name – Tooele – and other local keywords into your on-site content naturally where it makes sense. This helps search engines better understand the geographic focus of your business.

Having a locations page or contact page with your full business address and phone number is a great idea. This further emphasizes to search bots that you are a local business targeting customers in Tooele.

When writing or updating content, keep local SEO in mind. Include locally tailored keywords and phrases like “Tooele plumber” or “Tooele dental clinic” rather than just general terms. The long-tail key phrases really drive home your geo-relevance.

On-page optimizations like these provide important signals that you are a Tooele-based business aiming for local search visibility. Take the time to weave natural, relevant localization elements throughout your site’s content.

Off-Page Local SEO

Local SEO isn’t just about on-site optimizations – building your off-site presence also plays a big role.

Start by getting listed on online directories and review sites that are relevant for Tooele. This helps establish your business footprint locally.

As you build relationships with customers, ask if they would share their positive experiences on platforms like Facebook and Yelp. Reviews referencing your Toele location or neighborhood help reinforce your local relevance.

Engaging locally on social media provides more signals. Join Toele community Facebook groups, Nextdoor discussions, and other forums where you can post helpful information and interact with residents.

The more you can get mentioned and linked to from trusted local sites and networks, the better. Work on cultivating those local relationships, both online and off. Not only will it improve local SEO, but also connect you with more potential Tooele customers!

Analyze the Local Pack Competition

To really optimize your strategy, do some recon on who ranks in the Tooele Local Pack for your types of keywords.

Check where your top competitors are showing up and what their listings look like. What kind of keywords are they ranking for? How have they optimized their profiles and websites for local search?

Look for any common local SEO elements they’re using that your business might be missing or could improve on. Are they more active on local social media? Do they have more location-specific backlinks? Is there a certain category you should add?

Regularly monitoring your own Local Pack rankings is also crucial. This allows you to see what adjustments help or hurt your rankings. You can then double down on what works and change up what doesn’t.

Analyzing the competition gives you a benchmark for measuring your progress. Learn from local businesses already ranking well, stay on top of your own rankings, and implement a process of continuous optimization and improvement for local pack domination!


To wrap up, ranking highly in the Local Pack takes both traditional SEO best practices as well as geotargeting your optimization efforts.

We covered key tips like fully optimizing your Google My Business listing, building localized on-page elements, earning local backlinks and reviews, and monitoring your rankings and competition.

While things like quality content, site speed, etc still matter, you need those strong localization signals too. Optimize for searches including “Tooele”, target long-tail key phrases about your services + location, and build your online presence locally.

Putting these tips into play can help land your business in those coveted Local Pack spots for your industry. Just a few optimizations can dramatically improve your local findability and connect you with more local customers.

So don’t wait – start working on your Local Pack rankings today and get ready to reap the rewards! Feel free to reach out if you need help improving visibility or have any other questions!

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